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Welcome to High Chaparral Publishing's Book Review Blog!

The High Chaparral Five “R” system is a quick way to find out if the characteristics of this book are a match for your reading style and the intentions. Our goal is to provide useful information at your fingertips so that you can make informed decisions.

Readability, Relevance, Recreation, Reference, Rated

There are so many questions people ask themselves when they are buying a book. Is this for me? Is it relevant? Should I buy the hard copy or put it on my kindle? Perhaps I need the audio book to listen to during my drive time, workouts, or workday? The reviews we offer provide you the tools to decide several things for yourself.

What are the key points / takeaways from a book

Is this book relevant?

Is this book age appropriate?

Are there reasons I would not enjoy this book?

Our reviews try to answer these questions so that we can provide valuable reference and help you maximize your time value and enjoyment of each topic.

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